“Our feedlots will not operate without the use of a Batch Box. The Bach Box has completely streamlined our feeding system by speeding up feeding, saving time and increasing production. It eliminated one feed truck and we’re now able to utilize the extra person from that truck.”

Andrew Timmerman

Timmerman and Sons

A family-owned business that ranches and feeds cattle in Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas.

“I have cut my overall feeding expenses by 33% by adding one Batch Box along with eliminating one feed truck. I now have an extra truck in case of a breakdown. You couldn’t sell me on NOT having a Batch Box”

Dave Cherry

owner of Cherry Cattle Inc, (CCI)

An 8,000-head cattle feedlot near Genoa, NE

“We have greatly improved our feeding time and efficiency by utilizing the two Batch Box system with one payloader. They really help us cover the yards in a timely manner. Any service issues have been handled quickly by Steve and his crew. I don’t know what we would do without them now!”

Jack Lawless

feed yard manager for Gotsch Cattle Company

A multi-state premier cattle production company