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The Batch Box

What It Is

The Batch Box is a hydraulically raised and lowered side-dump box used to temporarily batch feed ingredients. It reduces the time spent running a loader between ingredients and the waiting mixing truck or wagon.

Who We Serve

Dairy Farms

Beef Finishing Yards

Heifer Yards

The Difference

When you use The Batch Box, you can save time, money, and energy. Many beef yards and dairies have experienced:


or more in fuel savings


faster feeding process

feed trucks eliminated

*The Batch Box is most effective for operations with at least two mixing trucks/wagons.


“The BatchBox is one of the most effective tools to improve feed milling efficiency and reduce feeding time. It’s simple, automated, and relatively inexpensive compared to batching feed on a mixer truck. The BatchBox allows producers to streamline their feeding process. One BatchBox reduces the time loading ingredients into a mixer truck by close to 70%, and two boxes almost eliminate all of that time waiting for ingredients to be loaded. These are big time savers and can reduce the number of feed trucks needed or the total time it takes to feed for the day.”

-Matt Greenquist

Beef Nutritionist, Midwest PMS

Lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership

Designing Your Commodity Area

Whether you are designing a new commodity area or redesigning your existing feed area, it’s important to consider the total-cost-of-ownership. The Batch Box can significantly lower your operating costs.

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